Below are a few real-life examples of clients who have worked with Kristin in the past. Read what they have to say! 

Jessica Lahr Professional Model, Make-up Artist & Mrs. NY 2015.jpg

Jessica Lahr 

"As a professional model and makeup artist, I've had the pleasure of seeing the positive impact Kristin has made on her clients through model coaching. Her stellar reputation, abundant experience, and her wisdom and knowledge of this industry from so many facets of it make her the very best model coach one could ever be lucky enough to invest in. I've witnessed her clients grow and gain confidence while being given amazing opportunities because of her guidance, connections and respected reputation! I highly recommend anyone whether new or looking to grow and expand as a model/actor/spokesperson to contact Kristin right away!"

Veronica R

"Working with Kristen has really been a wonderful experience. When I first met Kristen, I knew she could help me get where I wanted to be. Having her as my coach has provided me with a safe environment to learn in. Kristen is very generous with her time, and embraces a hands on learning experience. She is so knowledgeable when it comes to the industry, and openly shares the ups and downs of her own journey. She has walked me through the industry step by step. From my first photoshoot with Dan Doyle, to being signed by AMS models, to mastering my runway walk. Kristen has taught me how to portray myself as a professional, serious model; which is really important to me personally. I came to Kristen with a crazy dream, and she has quickly started me on my own modeling journey. In my time working with her, Kristen has not only been my coach, but a mentor and role model. I am so thankful for all she has done for me."

Veronica R Testimonial Photo.jpg

Amy D Testimonial Photo.jpg

Amy D.

"Kristin has helped me for years in regards to getting my foot in the door of my local talent and modeling agency. She has also helped me with my resumé, photos, and assists me to this day in obtaining high-paying jobs in the industry."

Mary Ann Adornato

"Kristin has vast experience as a model and behind the scenes working in agencies as a talent booker. She has always provided me with valuable modeling resources across the United States. This has allowed me to make connections and work in almost every major market including Las Vegas, Miami, and NYC."

Mary Ann A Professional Model.jpg