You need a speaker. I love to speak. 

Do you need a speaker, on-camera host, presenter, emcee, guest or expert for your upcoming: 

  • TV show, Youtube Channel, podcast 
  • Special Event 
  • Corporate Event 
  • Convention 
  • Tradeshow 
  • Symposium 
  • Workshop 
  • Retreat 

What I bring to the table: 

  • Experienced speaking in front of large and small groups 
  • Traveling the nation since 2004 as a model, actor, spokesperson, & presenter 
  • Studied with famed TV Hosting Coach Marki Costello 
  • On camera talent & teleprompter proficient 
  • Practicing Model Coach, Life Coach, & Health Coach 
  • Attended a women’s college Wells College. Graduated 2003 with a BA in Psychology. 
  • Can speak with ease to variety of demographics and enjoying meeting people of all walks of life 
  • Working face to face with the public has helped me to intuitively read people and taught me not to take myself too seriously and laugh easily. We could all use a laugh in our day. 
  • Led an unconventional life and career as a model, spokesperson, actor & talent since 2004 traveling the world and living in a variety of cities including Miami Beach, Brooklyn, Stamford CT, studying abroad in the UK, a summer in Mexico learning Spanish (uh don’t ask me to give a presentation in Spanish though – although I’d be happy to refer someone great), meditating with monks in Prague, and staying at an ashram Eat, Pray, Love style in India. Today home base is the beautiful Finger Lakes Region in upstate NY with my husband and our 3 legged Persian rescue cat Fluffy. 
  • Certified Health Coach from Institute for Integrative Nutrition 

Sample Topics: 

  • Get Started Modeling Now: A step by step guide on what to do first to start working as a model, what photos you need, determining your niche, and submitting to agencies 
  • The Tall and the Short of It; Modeling for girls under 5’8”: It is more difficult to make a career in modeling if you are below the industry standard height for fashion models. But there are still a lot of opportunities for shorter models. Learn the types of modeling, what they pay, and how to get working now. 
  • Your Product is You; Start Taking Care of Yourself As Your Business’s Biggest Asset: Working as a model or talent your product is YOU! But I see many that don’t eat well, are sleep deprived and engage in a lot of unhealthy habits. It might work for a few years but to keep up your look and your energy you will need to change your ways for longevity. 
  • Self-Care: In a Modern World of Stress, Exhaustion, & Overwhelm: Self Care seems to be the hottest buzz word lately but what exactly does it mean? And who has time for that anyway? We’ll talk strategies to get you into the habit of caring for yourself better so you can show up in the world as your best YOU! 
  • Kicking Your Sugar Addiction to the Curb: Sugar is 7 times more addictive than cocaine! Since corn syrup and other processed sugars have infiltrated our food system in mass quantities starting in the late 1970’s we have seen the obesity epidemic rise along with type two diabetes and heart disease. We’ll talk tips and tricks to kick your addiction to the curb so you can 
  • Shaking Your Salt Habit: More than 95% of Americans surpass the recommended daily allowance for sodium intake. And surprise for most of us it’s not even coming from your salt shaker but instead from processed foods. We’ll talk about where table salt comes from, why sodium is wreaking havoc on your health, and how to cut the overconsumption of it out of your life. 
  • Voting with Your Dollars & Your Voice: We often think the only way we vote is via the ballot but turns out there are many ways we eat vote every day. We each can create more change in the world by voting with our dollars, our voice and our actions through what we buy, consume, say and do. The more consciously we recognize this the more we feel our inner power to create change and make a difference. 
  • Women as Leaders: Often people don’t think of themselves as leaders; especially women. We each can become better leaders and can show up in daily life as our best selves. We’ll cover how we can each think of ourselves as leaders and what we can each do to support women leaders and role models. 
  • Juicing + Detox: At health retreats and spas I’ve been known to do a juice cleanse once or twice a year. I leave feeling AMAZING! At these retreats I often get many questions and created a presentation on the topic to answer all the questions: like why do a juice cleanse? Who should do a juice cleanse? How to cleanse or detox at home? And what are the benefits of raw juice fasting? 
  • Radical Gratitude Creates Happiness: Many of us are on a quest for happiness. Can we train ourselves to be happy? Can we learn how to become happy? Research and my own personal experiences has taught me that focusing intensely on gratitude creates happiness. 


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