My Approach 

Since I was 14 I wanted to become a model. It wasn’t because I wanted to become rich, famous or to keep up with the Kardashians. But I dreamt of living a life I loved. I grew up in a small town and looking around saw many people who were in jobs and lives they seemed hate. My dream was to make nice money doing fun work that I enjoyed; that didn’t feel like work to me. And I craved traveling the world, meeting new people, going to new places and creating a life full of adventure and excitement. And while I did create that for myself I could have gotten ahead faster if I’d had help and support from an experienced model who would mentor me and be like my big sister and who most of all believed in me and my dream. After several years of little success, I was lucky to come across some agents, teachers, mentors and photographers who did help me along the way and for them I am forever grateful. But looking back if someone dedicated to helping me who knew the industry and had been there to help me when I was just getting started I could have leap over years of setbacks and pitfalls. While I can’t go back in time to find that help for myself I can be that beacon of light for you! 

At first I thought, who am I to offer model coaching programs? I’m not a famous household name, I’m not a supermodel. But the more people who asked for my help it reminded me of how much I have to offer and chances are famous supermodels probably don’t have time to coach new models and if they did their programs would be outrageously expensive. I’ve been modeling for over 15 years and have worked in many different modeling niches and have traveled for assignments all over the United States.

I’ve shot with over 500 photographers and walked in over 100 fashion shows. I spent almost 3 years as the Booking Director of the largest commercial modeling agency in upstate NY as well as a brief stint in Scouting at Elite Model Management in NYC. My experience in booking helped me to learn what clients are looking for in models and talent and my time working in scouting helped me develop a keen eye for who would be a good candidate for which types of modeling jobs. Working as a model not only helps me to identify with you and the fears and questions you have as someone new starting out because trust me I remember those feelings but also allows me to give you tips and secrets to create your own more direct path to success.

If you have been overwhelmed or uncertain about your next step for a while now and it seems like you are no further ahead than when you started then let’s get to know one another better and see if we are a good fit to work together and get you up and working as a model. There is only this one precious life. There is no time like the present to pursue your dreams.

If you read this and got this tingly feeling in the pit of your stomach or your throat or both and you know you were meant to come across my webpage today and what I’ve said here has really resonated with you then click on the "contact" tab and let’s get started with an introductory consultation. All of the times in my life when I have invested in myself with education, individual coaching or programs that I’ve felt in my gut were right for me have paid off because learning directly from an expert in their field allows you to move forward in an area so much more quickly. Today almost every top business woman I meet will say the same thing that when they need to quickly learn a new skill they don’t spend enormous amount of time and energy floundering on their own but rather invest in themselves by finding an expert in that field.